The Albion of Arkadia were the foremost gengineers in a race famous for their genetic tinkering. The Weylan were their greatest creation, and if there was any system the Weylan defended more than Albion itself, it was Arkadia. They manned the orbital forts and the defense fleet. They flew the fighters and made up a large percentage of the army that would have defended against an invasion. But when the Ennead finally came for Arkadia, there was no invasion. The Weylan were better. They were the best. They shot the Ennead out of the sky ten times for every ship they lost. Some accounts say a hundred. They filled the skies of Arkadia with the dead and burning hulks that had been starships for days on days. The Weyland never surrendered. Not when the last of their warships fell. Not when the last of their fortresses burned. And not when the Ennead tore the entire planet of Arkadia apart piece by piece.