Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Today is a day in America where we thank God for the blessings we have.

Mine would start with being alive. That’s actually rather important. I burst an appendix last year, blew it wipe open, so being alive is an achievement for me. And I have sleep apnea, so I have one of those nice little breathing elephant hoses pushing air into my nose so I can sleep better. Let me tell you, you never realize how bad you were sleeping until you start getting some good sleep in.

I’m also thankful for those of you out there who choose to be my friends. Or coworkers. Or whatever. You’re in my life, and most of you are pretty cool about it. I may have had an experience in the not-too-distant past where a number of people I enjoyed being with chose to vote me off the island. I treasure everyone who bucked that vote and said, “They don’t get to choose who I deal with.”

I’m thankful for my family. We’ve lost some recently. Two of my uncles (one is technical a great uncle, but he was always uncle to me) are dead now. They were both veterans, one of World War II, the other Desert Storm. But I’ve gotten new family as well. Cousins born. Marriages celebrated. Life and family goes on, and as time passes you realize you are no longer one of the youngest, but one of the middlest.

And I’m thankful for all the people out there who read my stories and enjoy them. Writing is something I do because I can’t imagine not. But my stories are better because of you. Because I want you to enjoy reading them.

So…Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are part of my life. And know that I am thankful you are.