Everybody loves a good Black Friday sale, including my humble self. It’s the start of the Christmas season, a time for fighting over cheap TVs and shopping until you drop from sheer exhaustion. Mmmm…on second thought, maybe Black Friday should be enjoyed at home in front of a computer, where you can be safe from the other denizens of this world. If you agree with me on that, well I have a Black Friday deal for you.

Captain Jack of Hart Squadron, Republic of Texas Marine Corps Fighter Attack Wing 112, the Cowboys, is a man who puts his dashing sense of style on display for everyone to see. One of his many mottos is, “The better you look, the better people will think of you.” Now you too can be like Jack, or one of the more respectable Cowboys if you prefer, with this new shirt sporting the fantastic new insignia (drawn by the talented Matt Maeda) of the Jack of Harts VMFA-112.

Serious note: The Jack of Harts VMFA-112 is named in honor of the real life Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 112, the Cowboys, veterans of World War II and conflicts through to the modern day. Because of these aviators, and everyone else who has served, I am free to bring my dreams to life. I will never forget.

Jack of Harts VMFA-112 Shirt