The lion-derived Toshi of San Lucas lost their rule over the Hankou continent when the mountain of the gods exploded and buried much of it with burning lava. They retreated into the highlands, but there was no escape from the ashfall that came every day. They fought and killed over the scarce resources remaining, or over who was faithful to the gods and who had caused the gods to destroy them for their faithlessness. Our relief teams arrived during the worst of the fighting, and they came at us too. They were insane with hunger and a religious war that could see only themselves and the enemy. We sent aid to save their lives, but all we succeeded in doing was to complete the fall of their civilization. Their survivors live now only in scattered camps, sprinkled throughout the ruins of their once-great empire. They shun us and our aid in hopes of proving to the gods of the mountain that they have not lost their faith. And so they continue to fade into obscurity as the worlds pass them by.