Seven years ago on this date, I decided to begin posting something Jack of Harts every day. Seven years later, there is a post for every day on Jack of Harts. Some of them are stories. Some of them are small parts of stories. Some of them are movie reviews. Book reviews. Sometimes I’m recovering from surgery or an accident. But every day, there is a post, another proof that I am actively pursuing Jack. I’ve published one novel, four novellas, and one short story since then. I have another short story waiting to be published, and am working on another novella. I’m not the most prolific author out there by any means, but I’m happy with what I’ve published. And with what I’ve written, which is not necessarily the same thing. Here’s to seven more years. And another seven after that. Maybe a few more for good measure. Don’t want to short myself, you know. That would be very un-Jack-like. 😉