Amber already had a far-flung network of human agents and computer monitoring services when the Second Great Depression came upon us all. So when things became difficult, she arranged for needed supplies to be sent to many communities in need. She was an early supporter of the Jeffersonian Federation, and several early leaders of the movement have admitted to being her agents. She helped build our side of the Great Pacific Firewall at Midway and spent years fighting Chinese hackers and AIs from Alaska to Indonesia. She even helped Dixie and her little gang of misfits fight the Mexican Drug Lords and later enemies by diverting much needed resources and human allies to them. And she helped bring what became the AI Council together to engage the last Rogue AI nest in Singapore. Then she returned home to the new Jeffersonian Federation and professed a general retirement from the various independent extra-curricular intelligence-themed operations she admitted to commanding. The government promised not to sue her for breaking more laws than they wanted to count and happily hired her to provide network security for all Jeffersonian networks. They also diligently turned a blind eye to any rumors that she may not have entirely retired from the independent operations that made her famous. Suing Amber’s Angels would have been political suicide for any politician or peace officer after all.

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