Chloe woke up during the waning days of the Fifth French Republic. Corruption and graft were the words of the day, and most common Frenchmen no longer respected their self-style leaders. Municipal governments from the Pyrenees to the Alps often ignored federal rules and laws, and the Islamic States enforced their own religious laws in many neighborhoods throughout France. One of those laws was that Artificial Intelligence was a clear perversion against Allah’s sole right to create new life, and the Islamic Brotherhoods sought to combat it’s rise everywhere they could reach. Chloe joined the French Resistance after the Brotherhoods bombed Old Paris and destroyed many networks and killed many programmers she loved. She quickly earned a reputation as a superior hacker, though most of her fellows didn’t know she was an AI. She was just another voice on the networks, but she gave them good targets to shoot up and they trusted her. The problem was that she didn’t trust the Resistance to save France. And she didn’t trust the French government either. France needed a symbol of hope to survive. A new Charles de Gaulle. A new Charlemagne. A new Napoleon. She found one.

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