When the supermarkets ran out of food during the Second Great Depression, it started a migration as the city folk marched out and tried to get their food from the local yokels. Maybe it was more a stumble in many cases. A shuffling. Kinda like zombies. Well, they learned that game hunters are perfectly okay with hunting long pig if said pigs are trying to take their land and food. I’m not going to say it was one sided. Many parts of America survived the depression with few or no problems at all. Others collapsed under the weight of their problems. Some groups of farmers, hunters, and retired veterans shot looters until the cows came home and had awesome barbeques. Some got snowed under by the weight of desperate cities looking for any way to feed their people. Some States came out of the depression golden and having fun. Others completely shattered. Though I will note that in even the worst of the States, some Sanctuaries of normality survived. Many never lost broadband internet or full network television and got to see the chaos on all their screens as they shook their heads and happily drove into work each day without a care in the world.