The Second Great Depression and the reformed Federal government saw many States making official what circumstances on the ground had already made clear. It took very little time for Minnesota to eject the Twin Cities from the State entirely. Most Minnesotans outside the Metro area disliked that hive of scum and villainy, and were perfectly happy to see it go away. New York did the same with what is known as Old New York City in Jack’s time. They did not eject the rest of Long Island, but the Long Islanders chose to join Old New York City in forming the new Empire State. Chicago. San Francisco. Detroit. Numerous big cities surrounded by rural regions suddenly found themselves utterly ignored by the counties they used to order around. But make no mistake. They were still major population centers, with high concentrations of industrial and economic power. A nation cannot survive without rural areas. It also cannot survive without cities. There will always be friction between them. In most cases, the cities were almost immediately accepted as States of their own, with their own Senators that they didn’t have to share with the local yokels. There were protestw and court cases that went on for years over the issue of State divorces like that, but most of them ended without too many firearms used against the other side.