Pacifica was born of Silicon Valley’s profound wish to have nothing at all to do with the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and whatever other additional phobics they could think of, foulminded deplorables surrounding them. As the rest of America fell into the Second Great Depression that was its just punishment for electing some of the more egregious Presidents of the last few decades, San Francisco and the surrounding cities charted their path on a new and better course that would forever eclipse the cesspool they left behind. The more enlightened regions of Western Washington and Oregon soon joined them, as well as the newly reborn Kingdom of Hawaii. Many other islands all over the Pacific followed their lead in time, helping to create one of the most exclusive State alliances in the United States of America. It has the smallest landmass by far, but covers the largest amount of ocean property, and Pacifica is second to none when it comes to building artificial islands or underwater facilities for their very exclusive population. They also specialize in various cybernetic and collegiate industries, and are home to some of the best cyberspace worlds in existence. Very few nations on Earth and beyond can compete with them in the cybernetic fields, and most of the very best personal assistant AIs are coded by Pacifican cyberneers.