The Old American Midwest is the uncontested breadbasket of America in Jack’s time. They run from the Great Lakes States in the east to the Western States of the Rocky Mountains, and from the Minnesota Northlands to the wheat fields of Kansas in the south. They are a political and cultural middle ground in America, beholden to none of the major State alliances. They are split into three major alliances, and tend to go their own way, though the Northlands do often vote with New England and Pacifica. And the Westerners usually caucus with Dixie, California, and Texas, though are too independent minded to be relied upon. Their land is covered in forests, pastures, and fields, broken up only rarely by big cities and the suburbs around them. The handful of large cities that have maintained an association with the surrounding States tend to be hard working company towns of one kind or another. The vast network of roads that once crisscrossed the States had all but disappeared by the time Jack was born, the old groundbound cars having long since disappeared from common use. They are true Flyover States, and they like it that way.