One issue Hawaii had during the Second Great Depression was insufficient production of critical products. Hawaii had been dependent on imports of everything from food to military supplies for generations. It didn’t have enough land to grow food, and it didn’t have enough industry to support the economy. The economy collapsed. There is no other way to describe what happened when so many tourists stopped flying to Hawaii. And food shipments from the Mainland dried up as well. One thing they did have going for them was a veritable wealth of fish in the oceans, and their fleets set sail every day to provide the basic essentials their people needed to live. The boats kept their people from starving, but many Hawaiians became utterly sick of food that came from the ocean. Steak and hamburger have been luxury foods on the islands ever since. Seafood in Hawaii is in highest demand by the tourists now. Most natives would rather eat something that grew up on land, whether that land is natural or one of the many manmade islands scattered throughout Hawaii.