The firefight between the Texas State Guard and “certain undisclosed elements of the United States Armed Forces” in Dallas, Texas had many consequences over the next few weeks. The Lame Duck Senate joined the House and the President in condemning Texas and passed multiple bills singling out Texas politicians and military officers for removal from office or command positions. The Department of Justice sued numerous Texans for everything from kidnapping to murder of federal agents, and the outgoing Governor and many others faced charges of treason. Texas responded by charging every FBI agent they had captured with attempted kidnapping, with intent to transport across State lines, a felony offense. Counter lawsuits from all sides quickly reached the Stuffed Supreme Court filled with new Presidential picks, which ruled in favor of Federal actions and lawsuits while striking down those coming from Texas. The Supreme Court justices who had served with the previous President disagreed with those decisions, and wrote a powerful Last Dissent against the prevailing decision. It is required reading in American civics classes to this day, alongside the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Gettysburg Address.