Two weeks ago, during the Democrat Convention, there was no violence in our streets worth talking about. But the Covid-19 epidemic was so terrifying that every speech was phoned in over the internet, and even when fully socially distanced masks were worn like a ward against the plague at nearly all times.

One week ago, during the Republican Convention, the epidemic of violence, destruction, and murder in our streets was the greatest threat to our Republic. The Chinese Virus was rarely talked about, unless blaming China for attacking us, many speeches were conducted live from inside a socially distanced convention center, and masks were rarely seen, even when people were not socially distancing themselves.

It is amazing how different the world is today, all seemingly based on the political beliefs we have. The things we fear are different. The causes and people we support. And often, we do not seem to recognize what the other side fears at all.

That is not a recipe for working together to either Make America Great Again or to Build Back Better…