There were many irregularities with the Convention of States that convened during the Second Great Depression, and they would breed lawsuits for decades. The one their whole enterprise hung on was their choice of President. Only one other man would have been a more powerful choice, but the previous President declined to leave his new position as the Governor of Texas. The former Vice President was unable to decline the offer when it was made, because John Jefferson Freemon was a “guest” of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Convention of States ordered his release, and the current President who had led the Impeachment processes against both men ordered another charge of treason added to the others. The Marine Corps followed their legal orders. It was their mission to protect the President of the United States of America. Their march to the Bureau of Prisons’ Central Office, in full ceremonial regalia, was featured live on every remaining network feed. The Marine Barracks Chaplain swore Freemon into the office of Presidency live on C-Span, directly from his makeshift cell. The Marine Band played as he stepped out into the sunlight on a street secured by thousands of their Marine Corps brethren. It was a great spectacle that was forever preserved on video for future generations to see.