The Republic of Texas Marine Corps had a great deal of experience with the F-15 Sabre by Wars’ End, and greatly wished to continue using it in the years and decades to follow. They required some modifications to the design before acquiring it in large numbers, though. The B-17 Valkyries and F-12 Avengers were large enough for small living quarters or armories behind the cockpits, which made them excellent for long-range deployments, but the Sabre was too small for anything but a minor gesture in that direction. The Marines had made due with the small space they had been able to excavate, but would not continue to buy more Sabres after Wars’ End if the issue was not addressed in future construction. The manufacturer responded with a plan to rebuild all existing F-15 Sabres in Marine service, and to incorporate a decade’s worth of advances into new production. Thus the F-23 Super Sabre was born.