The Republic of Texas Marine Corps accepted the first new-build F-23 Super Sabre nearly a decade after Wars’ End. The manufacturer spent that time negotiating all of the design changes required to meet the demands of all the services that would purchase them in a Post-War environment. The Marines had been refitting their older Sabres to the new standard for years, though. Expanded fuel tanks, small living quarters with an integrated armory behind the cockpit, and more numerous laser arrays made them far more capable of extended deployments than older fighters. They were even capable of true interstellar travel on their own. This made the Super Sabre the preferred Marine starfighter of the Post-War era, and the Marines slowly retired almost all other craft in their service. Wherever the Texas Marines patrolled, it was almost always their capable Super Sabres that would deliver them rested and ready for any fight, on ground or in space.