The Republic of Texas Army was started in Fort Hood, which was the home of the armored cavalry in those days. Tank country. They had infantry, jeeps, helicopters, and even mechs, but it was the tanks that they swore by. It was the tanks that earned them spurs and a cowboy hat. It was the tanks that killed anything that moved, it was the tanks that won wars, and it was the tanks that received all of the glory. And Texas was all about making certain all of that stuck when it came time to deal death to their enemies. The Republic of Texas armored cavalry regiments are still the bar that all other tank commands are measured against. In training, organization, and numbers, they simply outmatch the competition. Texas tanks truly believe they are the best of the best of the best. They live up to that belief enough that others respect them, even as they dislike the arrogance that can accompany it.