The Republic of Texas Army mechanized cavalry regiments have been a bit of an odd duck since the early days. While they have never lived up to the grandiose standards of Japanese anime, or the prolific Mechs of War franchise, they have forged a valuable role for themselves over the centuries. The largely humanoid mech designs move at the speed of thought, making a veteran mech pilot a true danger to any foe. Mechanized cavalry scout and skirmish mechs bound across every battlefield, maneuvering around the main battle lines and engaging the enemy in their vulnerable flanks. Battle mechs are also a large part of the battle, even if they cannot match the firepower of a main battle tank. Their maneuverability is a powerful weapon, and many battles have been decided by a well-timed mechanized thrust that broke the enemy battle line. This makes the mechanized cavalry a valuable part of the Texas Army for now and the foreseeable future.