I met some of the Knights Errant when I was young. Somebody who isn’t me lost a hiker out on the other side of the Canadian border. The Mounties were all over the place looking for them, and even Knights Errant Investigations came though International Falls. They don’t usually work in numbers that large, but she was the daughter of one of the few congressmen people liked, so she got a whole troop looking for her. A bunch of us locals joined the search too, so I got to work with the Knights Errant up close and personal. So I knew real young that the way they’re depicted on screen is pretty much accurate. They really do wear those fedoras almost all the time. And they carry all kinds of gadgets inside those trenchcoats of theirs. I learned a lot from them in just a few days. And yes, we did get the girl. Found her half-buried in a rockslide on the edge of an old glacier lake suffering from hypothermia and had to warm her up the old fashioned way. Heaters. Don’t know what you were thinking, but I was thinking heaters. The Knights Errant carried all kinds of helpful things in their trenchcoats.