The results are in, and the winner of today’s debate is…

Chris Wallace.

It was a real bare knuckle brawl between Wallace and Trump, with Biden adding color commentary from the left whenever he could remember to open his eyes.

Biden did get in a few good jabs by calling Trump a clown, a racist, and Putin’s puppy. He even told Trump to shut up.

Trump championed his record by saying that he’s done more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years, and other amazing feats of brilliance.

But most of the night was carried by Wallace bringing the verbal fisticuffs to Trump time and again, to keep him from landing the knock out blow on Biden.

The night ended with an amazing rendition of “the debate is over” by Wallace to cut off a series of final blows from Trump.

Trump finished the night by posing with his wife like a winner.

Biden was happy to shuffle off the stage with his caretaker.

And Wallace goes into the record books as… well… something…

Note: Picture shameless lifted off the Babylon Bee. 😉