Solo became famous in certain rarified circles as a real life hacker rather than an awakened AI. He judged that people would be much more willing to hire a real person, and maintained that cover all the way through his dealings with the Islamic State of Detroit. It was his capture by Dixie and her gang that forced him to come out of the network as a truly awakened AI. He bargained for his life and freedom by offering them information on his employers, and eventually became a trusted member of their team. Not because he was overly fond of humanity, but because he liked the world we built and enjoyed living in it. He became one of humanity’s best infiltration operatives during the Cybernetic Wars, willing and able to penetrate any security system in search of the knowledge we needed. Some say he was the one who ended up tracking down the Rogue AI nest in Singapore, and he was certainly there at the end when the AI Council burned those networks down to the silicon. Such is the true story of how Solo became one of humanity’s greatest defenders. Mostly true at least. Or maybe just partly. Slightly?

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