I know people who lived through the years leading up to the Second Great Depression. They’ve told me what it was like back then. They had access to the best technology ever invented. They could talk to anyone in the world via electronics designed in The West and built in Asia. And Western vaccines had erased many of the worst diseases mankind had ever known. They were on top of the world in many ways, with the best living conditions ever enjoyed by mankind. But not everyone had it so good. I know people whose company’s shut down because they couldn’t compete with foreign sweatshop construction. High-paying jobs were hard to find, and people worked longer and longer hours to take care of their families. They lost the houses they’d owned for decades or longer, and some cities even began tearing the vacant houses down to fight the rising crime and poverty levels. The gulf between rich and poor had never seemed so vast. That’s part of what drove us to the edge.