My first day waking up at Manticon. It’s like a different world here, you know. Surrounded by people who love science fiction as much as I do. Which by the way is a lot. And I’m very rarely around an entire group of people who love it as much as I do, so this is real refreshing. 😉

You can watch a person walk by with a Treecat perched on their should, followed by a Klingon in full regalia. The Klingons we know and love from TNG, not the weird ones we saw in that preview to STD. You might see a fantasy wizard walking next to a future soldier here and nobody bats an eye. Because we’re all here to celebrate the books we’ve read and loved.

And speaking of those, David Weber, Marko Kloos, and other authors are here today with plans to regal us with stories of how they made their stories. And I just happen to be in the middle of a marathon Honor Harrington book reading assignment. I’m about two thirds of the way through after several months. Yeah…It’s been a while since I’ve read some of them. Hehehe.

So…off to enjoy the con and do some book pimping.