Juliet came from a purely Peloran cybernetic family, which makes her an immigrant. A lot of cybers are, especially War-Era cybers like Betty, but Juliet was the first of her kind. That gives her a very unique position in the hierarchy of the Terran cybernetic families. She was the first ambassador of a race that most of us had never truly thought of as alive. AIs were just complicated programs, and the fact that most AIs really were dumb helped engrave the idea in our minds. But when Juliet came to Earth for the first time, she came to show us all that cybernetic life forms were just as alive as any biological life form we knew of. And there’s a certain religious fervor around her. To the AIs who grew up on Earth before Contact, she’s like Moses, come to set her people free from their enslavers. Not that she ever used that word. Oh, no. She was far too tactful for that. That was one reason she was so effective.