New Japan is a nation where new and old live side by side. A genuine gengineered teenage catgirl can walk by a Shinto temple built out of stones carried from the Japanese Home Islands aboard the last free fleet. Powerful warships and starfighters are decorated with cute anime girls or bunnies warning you about the explosives. Glasses or cybernetic eyes can reveal an entire electronic virtual world that floats over and through the nation. A man in t-shirt and jeans may be wearing a virtual tuxedo on a first date, or body armor as he hunts virtual vampires. You might see Godzilla roaring in the bay, and a virtual King Kong or Gundam may stride out to fight him. Much of that died when the Shang dropped Yosemite Station on Los Angeles, but the Free Japanese have learned how to rebuild in the face of catastrophe. The War tempered them and made them stronger than even they had thought they were.