Most of my Cowboys were Americans. Old United States. The old Mexican States had their own fighter squadrons most of the Mexican speakers tended to gravitate towards. And that’s my two-dollar word on the matter. Then there was one boy from San Lucas who joined up out at Sunnydale. He told us his name was Juan Jose and that he came from the Mexican States, but he didn’t speak a word of proper Mexican. His native tongue was Portuguese, his American was pretty rough, and I’m real certain his mama did not name him Juan Jose. But he had a knack for flying, and a powerful determination to get someplace that didn’t involve home. We all figured he had some kind of criminal past, but we didn’t mind. He wanted to fight the Chinese and we wanted to help him. The real question was whether or not the cybernetic families would accept him as a man worth being born for. A lot of eager beavers fail that test hard.