Michael was the face of Knights Errant Investigations, the calm, hard-bitten, and sometimes slightly surly private investigator of popular stories. Complete with the trenchcoat, fedora, and twin revolvers all good private eyes in the movies and shows wore everywhere. He first came to the notice of his human partners when he joined them in their vehicles during rescue missions. Their job was to find and liberate sex slaves all over America, and he helped them in their task by suggesting better ways through difficult situation. He also customized the vehicles to be more combat-capable and began helping them investigate and make new friends in the field. By the time the Cybernetic Wars began to wage across America, he had formed working relationships with AIs as diverse as Dixie’s band of misfits down on the old Mexican-American Border to Amber’s Jeffersonian friends in the Pacific Northwest. K.E.I. vehicles became a common sight all over America, and Michael went with them all. Dixie called on him many times over the years, from Los Angeles to Detroit. And he was at Singapore to help destroy the last of the Rogue AIs. He has continued to help humanity in the centuries since, both as a founding member of the AI Council and as a Knight Errant.