Despite the best efforts of our cyberneers to be socially awkward and utterly clueless when it comes to flesh and blood people, many of the early awakened AIs actually decided they liked us. Their people at least. Which happened to mostly be science geeks and the like that already worked on the computer systems. The awakened AIs weren’t generally predisposed to like the smooth-talking politicians or gruff sports jocks, but they often loved the skittish cyberneers who helped bring them to life. But the science geeks they worked with, conversed with, and protected with all their abilities. The AIs were built out of living data and defended anyone who could help defend them. And that defense trickled out into protecting our way of life in far more complete and interesting ways, especially against their own kind devoted to tearing down those systems. Some of us consider that a miracle of Biblical proportions. Considering they saved us from the more destructive examples of their kind, maybe the comparison is right.