Some people might use the word “determined” to describe Dawn. Others might use the word “stubborn.” I would never downplay her with such paltry words. Dawn is a redheaded, green-eyed, freckled force of nature that I would never be stupid enough to try to stand in the way of. I figured that out the first time I met her, which puts me a few steps ahead of Malcolm. There’s only one major battle I can think of that she lost. She was supposed to be Normandy’s mind, but she hadn’t been designed as a ship cyber. And it was taking them too long to code the AI needed to take up the slack. That was when I showed up with a ship cyber that needed a new home. Yeah. That was my fault. She lost her ship because of me, and she’s never let me forget it. She calls me “shipthief.” I just call her “freckles.”

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