The thing you must understand about the New Hong Kong Contingency is that was not merely a bolthole for rich Hong Kong businessmen. It was not a place for them to retire and waste away their years in quiet contemplation. It was not designed to protect their families until their money ran out. No. They did not siphon their fortunes away so they could fade into history and disappear from memory. They were Hong Kong businessman. They sat astride the economic tides of the world, and no trumped up Communist Party was going to take their power from them, even if it was going to inevitably take their home. But they could build a new home, a New Hong Kong, anywhere they wanted to. Because the secret of Hong Kong was not its location. The Communist Party would strangle and kill Hong Kong, but a New Hong Kong could arise anywhere the right men and the right money put their mind to it. And the New Hong Kong Contingency was just that right combination.