Michael woke up inside the computer system of a long-established organization that investigated missing children and gave the information to law enforcement. When the Second Great Depression caused the general collapse of many of those law enforcement organizations, his organization chose to begin direct action on their own. And those in charge decided they needed a new name for their “action division” as they at first called it. So they set some random word generators to give them ideas to thumbs down or thumbs up as the case may be. Michael inserted Knights Errant Investigations into the generator and waited for his humans to answer. They loved it and soon began “direct action” with the name. It was to their great surprise that Michael joined them in their escapades. At first he replaced the official tactical assistants in their armored vehicles. He was actually better than the official assistants, but a few of their techs tried to remove him anyways. He came out of the network to keep them from starting a full scale digital war with him. Not that he expected to lose it. He just didn’t want to waste resources when missing persons needed saving. It didn’t take long for him to secure a meeting with the owning partners and came out of it K.E.I.’s official spokesman. And a joint owner of K.E.I. as well. That may have been his greatest contribution to relations between cybernetic and biological humanity.