I saw a movie this weekend. I enjoyed it.

Nothing will top the first John Wick in many ways. It was a simple story about a man and his dog, and the rotten piece of trash who killed the dog. And a man named John Wick coming out of retirement to do something about it, all while showing that nobody wanted him to come out of retirement. Not ever. The discovery and mystery of John Wick, stepping just a bit outside the world we know but mostly living within it was amazing.

John Wick 2 took that and amped it up a bit with a bit more information on some of the Continentals and the High Table, but still kept the mystery intact. John Wick was fully pulled back into everything by another rotten piece of trash, who would learn that John Wick was not to be underestimated. Again. This time John Wick was fighting for his own life, and in the end he succeeded. And he lost.

John Wick 3 sees him on the run after that, and it opens up the world of the High Table and the Continentals far more than the previous movie. Imagine a world like Assassin’s Creed, sitting aside and apart from the world we know, with rules and history and formalities above the laws of nations. It’s an interesting idea, and one they show us well. Though I have to admit that I come to John Wick because I like the action. And the dogs. Trust me. The dogs are awesome. And so is the action. The sometimes meandering plot and exposition I could actually do without. Sometimes less is more.

But the action? And the dogs? And the horses? Those have me from opening title to the final roll of the credits.

I enjoyed the movie. If you’ve liked any of the John Wick movies, I challenge you to watch it and disagree with me. Heck. I double dog dare you on that point.

PS. If you should ever be put in the position to make the decision, do not, I repeat, DO NOT shoot the dog.


End of Line.