The United States Army of Jack’s younger days was primarily responsible for protecting America’s District of Columbia and the various colonies and territories scattered throughout the cosmos. It was a fundamentally defensive organization in practice, while it celebrated great offensives of the past and trained for them from time to time. Often compared to the old Coast Guard by the other services, the Army was simply not the most prestigious of military services. Though they continually designed and purchased new small arms, tanks, mechs, or aircraft every year, in a neverending quest to be at the tip of the technological spear whenever the time came for them to really cut loose. I will note for the record that while most Army aircraft could enter space, and many were actually capable of interplanetary flight, the Army classified them as aircraft since they were designed primarily to work in planetary environments. Also, if they were spacecraft, they would be the province of the Space Force, and the Army couldn’t have that. So the Army never owned or operated spacecraft. Even when they were operating in space.