The Neko of New Japan, or New Nihon as they call it, are non-conformative rebels in many, chaotic ways, and traditional conservatives in other, well-defined ways. They will always be a product of their home culture, seeing class and birth in ways that few Americans can understand. They have simply transformed their minds to see such concepts differently than their ancestors ever did. A high class Neko is one who has undergone a full gengineering transformation, down to the fur. Even higher class is one born to the fur. Lower class Nekos often have permanent tails and ears. Lesser classes use cybernetic or cosmetic augmentations to imitate full Nekos. The full Nekos are both more rebellious from normal culture than almost any other and are the most conservative in their chosen culture. It is a dichotomy of spirit and mind the Neko are able to process better than the vast majority of those who grow up in more Western culture. It makes them a fascinating society to study.