An interesting point to be made about the Branan is that they are born with six limbs. Arms, legs, and wings. The problem is that their brain can only handle four limbs, so most Branan have their wings removed. But there are numerous Branan offshoot cultures that don’t do that. Some leave all the limbs in place, and simply train their children to use the ones they need. Most others remove their legs so they have fully functional wings and arms. Those Branan can fly without any technological assistance. Some even remove the arms so they can walk or fly. But considering the usefulness of hands, those are rare. The point is that you can see Thunderbirds with any combination of limbs, though only four of them will ever work. There are rumors of some progress towards successful six-limbed Thunderbirds in recent years, probably thanks to Contact with the Seraph, but those rumors have not yet been confirmed.