American Samoa is home to America’s primary military base in the South Pacific Ocean. It is actually a reserve, multi-service base manned almost entirely by local Samoans who maintain the historical naval base buildings for tourists to visit. The permanent garrison is small, and most of its duties include air and sea shows for the locals and tourists, or saving people from accidents and natural disasters. They also serve as a recruiting center for locals who are interested in serving in the military. But beneath the surface, literally, is an entire military complex devoted to protecting Samoa from any stray Chinese, Russian, or other agency that may not have Samoa’s best interests at heart. Undersea and underground defenses surround the base, and highly classified training runs suggest it can deploy all turrets, walls, and other parts of the defense and attack grids into combat positions in a matter of minutes. And though the defenses have never been needed against a human foe, they were deployed in 2156 to block a tsunami from rushing into the harbor and destroying the city. That one act recouped every dollar sunk into the base over the centuries, and few locals begrudge the investment into what is otherwise a glorified tourist trap and recruitment center.