I grew up before The War came upon us all. Well, there are many who would say I still haven’t grown up, but you know what I mean. I spent twelve years in the public school system, where we could study whatever we wanted, as long as we did the basics. We had AI tutors for every conceivable subject from ancient history to multidimensional math. But the real job of those twelve years was teaching us how to learn. Teaching us how to spend time with other people. How to get along with the children our own age who would become the adults we would spend the rest of our lives with. The human school monitors were pretty much there to make certain we attended to our studies, hug us when we banged a knee as we were young, or stop fights when we were older. The primary job of the schools I went to was to make all of us into functional adults. There are many who question whether or not they succeeded in my case.