Cannon Air Force Base housed many of the Special Forces teams near America’s Old Border with Mexico, including some of the most secretive ones. What people still call the Black Helicopter teams, even if modern “helicopters” have little in common with the original vehicle that coined the term. The Black Helicopter teams were infamous in various conspiracy theories of the Pre-Second Great Depression era, performing missions as unbelievable as ransacking organic milk producers to doing away with inconvenient individuals like the real life Epstein whose death resulted in the saying we all know so well. The most sensational stories always made these missions so black that the soldiers went in without any identification to avoid being recognized as part of the military if they were caught. As in most stories of this kind, there is some basis of truth to the genesis of these stories. There are highly secretive Special Forces teams that perform dark missions, and it was to those teams that the new President of the United States went to after the FBI failed to arrest the old President on charges of treason.